Friday, May 16, 2014

Things I've learned from Space Jam

Space Jam is one of my favorite movies in the entire world. I was thinking about it today, and you know what? There are actually a lot of life lessons to be learned from Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes crew. I think these are things that everyone should know, so here you go! You're welcome.

1. Nobody is good at everything. 
I don't care what you think, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player in the history of ever. I mean seriously, remember the opening montage from the movie?! Ridiculous. Plus he goes full on animated and scores the winning shot against the Monstars. But even though he was this super kick ass athlete on the court, he sucked at baseball. He was embarrassing. But he played it because in the beginning of the movie little Michael told his dad that he was going to play professional baseball.  Sometimes you try new things and you suck at them. Its OK to not be good at everything you try, because sometimes you're just bad at stuff. Michael is bad at baseball, I'm bad at cooking. 

2. Sometimes you need to ask for help. 
Bugs Bunny and his homies thought they had everything under control when they first challenged the tiny aliens to a basketball game, but then the tiny aliens stole the NBA talent and everything sort of went to shit. Instead of trying to beat the Monstars by themselves, the Looney Tunes characters understood that they were in way over their heads, so they went and asked for help. Pride can be tricky, but its important to remember that you really don't have to face anything completely alone. Guaranteed there is at least one person in your life who will be willing to help you out. This is something that I need to work on. 

3. Sometimes its the most unexpected people who save the day 
There is no denying that Michael Jordan is the hero of Space Jam, but Bill Murray and the fat guy from Jurassic Park also have their shining moments. Stan was the one who figured out how the Monstars got their talent, and Bill jumped in so that the Tune Squad didn't have to forfeit the game after Bugs got hurt. Its important to put a little faith in people instead of just writing them off, because sometimes they can surprise you.

4. You can always make a comeback 
In the first half of the game, the Tune Squad pretty much gets their asses handed to them. At one point, the scoreboard goes through the numbers really really fast until it stops and just says "its a little one-sided, isn't it?" Then Michael and Bugs trick the rest of the team into drinking the special drink which all of a sudden makes them awesome. He then gives them a motivational speech about how it was really just water and the talent was inside of them the entire time. Seriously, it rivals the "ducks fly together" speech from The Mighty Ducks as my favorite motivational sports moment. Then they go on to win the game and goddamn is it inspirational. It can feel like the odds are completely stacked against you, but if you ask for help and believe in yourself, its always possible to get your shit together.