Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Whoops. Sorta forgot that I had this blog. My bad.

So what's been happening in my life? Quite a bit, actually. Here's the lowdown.

I got a job as a hostess at P.F. Chang's. It doesn't sound super great, but I am seriously over the moon about it. They had absolutely no reason to hire me. On paper I looked awful. A month out of knee surgery and no restaurant experience to my name, I wouldn't have hired me. But I turned on the charm 1000% and was hired on the spot. Holla! I really like it so far. Its a little bit overwhelming since I have no experience in restaurants and its a super popular place to eat, but everyone is really nice and I'm slowly picking it up. Hooray!

I turned 23. 22 was not a banner year in the life of Hannah. Yeah I moved to Hawaii and that was rad, but for the most part it was not so great. I got hurt, ruined stuff with a guy that I really liked, ruined stuff with a very close friend, Dakine closed and I wasn't offered a job at Honolua, you get the picture. It was definitely less than stellar. But my 23rd birthday was an incredible day filled with a fabulous physical therapy session, a little time at the beach with my roomie and her friend, I was cut early from work when my manager found out it was my birthday, I jammed at karaoke and even got a little life lesson that night. I found out something not so great about someone I thought was my close friend, but instead of being super shitty, that gave me the final push to get out of the weird headspace that I've been in for the last couple of months. I've also just been in a fabulous mood since my birthday, so again.......Hooray!

I've been trying to actually be smart with my money and not eat out all the time. I still need to work on cutting down my stupidly ridiculous Starbucks addiction, but I actually grocery shopped like a normal person the other day, so we're making baby steps of progress. Oh and speaking of being a grownup, I also applied for my first big girl job. So we'll see how that goes.

Just so this isn't one of those nauseatingly happy posts that are often found on blogs, not everything has been all sunshine and rainbow pooping unicorns. My knee is tired constantly and it is frustrating. At work I'm on my feet for 6 or more hours at a time, and I still can't walk up and down stairs normally which is pretty embarrassing. I have the "oh are you OK?" "Oh yeah, I just had knee surgery about 6 weeks ago so stairs are still a little awkward" conversation on the daily. Yesterday I went to the canoe races in Waikiki (which involved a lot of walking) and then went to work for 6.5 hours and I haven't been able to straighten my leg for all of today. Physical therapy this morning was rough, to say the least. Its frustrating, but I'm trying to remind myself that its a healing process. Also when I'm not on the stairs, nobody can tell that there's anything wrong with my leg. So that's nice.

What else? I met a guy. I don't think it'll be anything, but it was certainly a much needed ego boost. I bought a super rad hat with a T-Rex painted on it, I just painted my nails a really pretty blue, and Shark Week is on Netflix. Neato!