Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hot damn, sorry that I suck at updating this thing, but my life has been a little bit of a hot mess. Just call me Hannah, captain of the struggle bus. What's been happening? 

1. I don't live in Hawaii anymore. Yeah I know, its really depressing. You have no idea. So why did I leave paradise? Well, turns out its incredibly expensive to live in Honolulu, and while I knew this going in, I sort of ignored it. Long story short, I thought I was a baller and spent all my money. Whomp whomp. I was also missing my family a lot, so when my lease ended I quit my job, packed up all my shit and came back to good old Flagstaff. At some point I'll fill in the little bits of what it means to move from an island to the mainland, because it fucking sucks. Seriously, it was a hot mess. Not a fan. It involved a stupid roommate, spilling the entire liquid contents of the swiffer wipes on my work clothes, being homeless for five days, breaking a lamp, selling my moped, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also I cried on the airplane, so that was embarrassing. Anyway, Flagstaff is not actually the end of this crazy train. Are you ready? 

2. I am going to be spending an as-of-now-unknown amount of time hanging out with my dad, because I haven't seen him in over a year. So where does Pops live? Wait for it……………….SPEARFISH, SOUTH DAKOTA. No, you didn't read that wrong. I have left the paradise that is Oahu to live in the midwest United States. If that is not the greatest argument for learning to manage your money better, I don't know what is. I am excited to see my dad and his family, but I am not excited to go to South Dakota. The state sucks, but it is what it is. My grandparents own a car dealership, and I think the plan is that I'm going to be working there. So that could be exciting. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa I don't know anything about cars other then if you don't remember to get your oil changed your radiator will explode in Butthole, Phoenix. Yeah, that was a thing. 

So. How am I handling being on the mainland? 

Obviously not so well. I went down 70 degrees and up from sea level to 7,000 ft, and my body is handling it with all the grace of an angry toddler. I am really cold, cranky, and I have a terrible cold. Also I am having to get used to things like actually wearing clothes and cold toilet seats. 

So yeah. That's my life. I'm cold. 

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