Monday, April 7, 2014

The best advice I ever gave.

Yesterday I had breakfast at Macy's (the best coffee shop on the planet) with a dear friend, and I had one of the best ego boosts ever.

We were talking, and all of a sudden she goes "you know, I normally don't think too deeply about our friendship, but I realized that you have given me some of the best advice I've ever gotten, when I asked you how to passive aggressively handle someone who is annoying you". I sort of laughed and sat there hoping she would continue, because I couldn't actually remember what advice I had given her. Luckily, she then said "I encounter a lot of stupid people at the cafe, and I just look at them like they're stupid when they're talking or only give them one word answers. Its so weird, but it makes everyone be so nice to me!!!" Hahaha I love it. That is exactly how I handle interactions with people that are annoying me and it always works.

From this conversation I learned two things:

1. Clearly I give the best advice on the planet.
2. Something you think is silly can be the best advice someone has ever gotten.

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