Sunday, October 13, 2013

Penthouse penthouse

Last night one of my coworkers had a party at their penthouse (real life, all I could think of was that Workaholics episode where they try to catch the pedophile and he turns out to be the coolest person they'd ever met and offers to take them to a party at the "Penthouse penthouse". I kept saying it twice and nobody got it. ANYWAY), and a bunch of us went and several put their rage faces on. For those of you who don't know, "putting on your rage face" is Hannah-speak for "get incredibly fucked up".

I waited for one of my friends to get off work, so we didn't end up rolling up until a little after 1 am. Since the party started around 10 pm, we were about 15 levels behind everyone else. Everyone was pretty drunk, but one guy in particular was super duper wasted. Like, trying to breakdance to a Bon Iver song wasted. (Fondly known as "white girl wasted") A little background on this kid, he's really really good looking. He's that one guy that every place has where all the girls are like "dayummm................._________ is looking FINE today", and I always try to look a little extra cute when I find out I'm working upstairs on the off chance that he might be working that night.

So hot coworker and I were out on the lanai, and we're talking (he told me that my "internal soul was filled with aloha".....yeah. He was that drunk) and I was only on my second beer, so I was just kind of laughing and going along with it. Then he looks at me and goes "hey can I kiss you?"


There I am, with the hottest person I work with asking if he can kiss me. Unfortunately, he is also wasted, and I am not. It felt too much like I would be weirdly taking advantage of him if I kissed him, so I told him he could kiss me on the cheek, then I went back inside.

OK, cool story bro. What's the point?

Whenever I have mentioned this part of the night, people are like "HANNAH WHAT THE HELL WHY DIDN'T YOU KISS HIM?!" And when I say it was because he was too drunk, I've been met with a resounding "SO WHAT?!"

Is it weird that I didn't let him kiss me? I feel like its standard to hear a story about a guy who either took advantage of the super wasted girl (bad move) or doesn't (good move), but you don't really hear about the opposite situation very much. I don't know, just something that made me think.

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  1. You should've gotten wasted quickly and went back hahaha