Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why I shouldn't leave my apartment

Today I had the day off, and I strongly considered staying in all day and watching Netflix. I've been slowly working my way through "Sons Of Anarchy", but after the episode where a neo-Nazi stabs a guy in the eye with a broken mop handle in prison, I switched the the more family friendly "Undercover Bosses". Its amazing, everyone should watch it if they want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But then my roommate invited me to go to Waimanalo (a beach here) and I was like "ehhhhh......." she goes "Hannah, if you don't come are you going to actually leave the apartment?" and I realized that I should probably go and get some fresh air.

I decided I should be productive, so first I went to drop off the rent check. I would like to note that I have lived in my building for almost a year now and I still have to put the address of the rental company into my phone to find it. Its literally 5 minutes away from my apartment, and yet I can never remember which street to turn down. So I drop off the rent, then go to the bank to deposit some money. After depositing the money, I decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, because that shit is my jam. 

Its like the universe knew that I shouldn't be spending my money on things like B-dubs. While I was being all productive, the weather was beautiful. The second I left the bank to go and pick up my food, it started raining. OK UNIVERSE, I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE AND NOT A VERY HEALTHY EATER. So I cruise over getting soggier and soggier and I managed to hit every single red light between Safeway and Buffalo Wild Wings. So dumb. While I was stopped at one of the lights, there was a large man on the corner waiting to cross the street wearing a bright yellow shirt. On the shirt was written 

"I LOVE THE SOUND YOU MAKE WHEN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP".  Underneath that was a happy face with duct tape across the mouth.  

No joke. This man then looks at me, gets a big grin on his face and goes "I LOVE YOU!!!!!!" then starts laughing his ass off, while I sat there waiting for the light to change getting more and more uncomfortable by my new love and the fact that it was raining. 

This is why I hate leaving my apartment. 

On the plus side though, I totally forgot that Buffalo Wild Wings has a wings special on Tuesdays, so I got my wings half off. Which was awesome. 

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