Sunday, June 16, 2013

Blue hair, don't care.

Oh my goodness, I was not a happy panda in that last post! But today was 10000x times better, and I am the happiest fish in the sea. Well, I guess that might be a little extreme, but it seemed good to stick with the animal thing. ANYWAY.

Today my KBFF (kayak best friend forever, keep up) Hailey and I went to Sandy Beach Park, and it was way too much fun. Pro tip: if you ever come to Oahu, make sure you spend a day here. The beach is beautiful, its on a beautiful part of the island, and the people are beautiful. Hot damn, there are some hotties at Sandy's. Pro tip #2: if you do go to this beach, be super super careful. The lifeguard was telling us how its the number one beach for neck and back breaks because the waves are so big.Yikes. There are some mad body boarders there, and they're really fun to watch.

Speaking of body boarding, I wish I could have gotten pictures, because some of these guys were absolutely ridiculous. There were the standard people with their regular boards who were pretty talented and entertaining to watch, but there were some slightly less conventional ones as well. There was one guy who tried to body board with a pool floaty, and he was not successful. The floaty got some serious air though and he never gave up, so props to that guy. There was also a kid (maybe 12) who was using a tray as a body board. Like stolen from a school cafeteria tray. He was doing pretty solid for a bit, but then the ocean claimed the tray as its own. And we saw a monk seal, which was rad.

My leg actually felt really strong when I was on the beach. I don't have to wear my brace anymore, and I didn't use my crutches (duh. Could you imagine crutches in the sand? Not a good look.) and it was so so so wonderful not having anyone staring at my leg. I was limping a little bit and the muscle atrophy in my leg is pretty significant, but nobody cared. It sounds weird, but it was amazing.

Then Hailey and I went back to her house and I dyed part of my hair blue, because why the hell not?

Technically this picture is from a couple of days ago, but its still Sandy's so whatever. Notice how normal the leg looks.

My new monk seal friend. He was just posted on the beach like he didn't have a care in the world. Which he doesn't, because he's a monk seal. 

Before and after. The blue is kind of hard to see, but I promise its there! I think I might add some more to it. 

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