Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Living with family.

When you're in a terrible mood, living with family is the worst. Today was not awesome, and all I want to do is eat some McDonald's, binge watch House of Cards and drink a lot of wine straight out of the bottle. But I can't do that, because that is the sort of behavior that family members tend to judge you for. Living with roommates can be a huge pain in the ass, but nobody gives a shit what they think about you when they come home to you sitting on the kitchen floor pounding wine because your day was a giant butt hole. In fact, most of the time they join you, or at the very least are like "I understand. Carry on".  Grandparents, not so much.

So why was today so horrible? Well, I sort of just woke up in a shitty mood. It was one of those mornings where you wake up and you feel like the day is going to be a bad one, then you notice the tickle in your throat and check your phone only to see that its 7º outside you're like "yup, today is going to suck". So naturally I stayed in bed a lot longer than I should have, so when I went to the bathroom and realized that my hair had decided to channel its inner Mufasa, there was no time to fix it. Then I noticed that my face was breaking out, so the whole plan of looking super good to balance out my shit mood was a no-go. Unfortunate.

Then I got to work and the day kind of kept going in a downward motion. I had to deal with the scanner.Those of you who follow me on any other social media know that I have been at war with the scanner I'm using since January. Seriously, this scanner is a bitch. And it doesn't help that its totally joined up with the computer, so when one struggles it sends the other one into a fit and then everything just sort of goes to shit. Its brand new too, so it has no excuse to be such a butt hole. Its just an office diva. Most days, it works really well until about 3:30 pm. This works for me, because I'm able to actually be pretty productive until everything starts getting all flustered. But as soon as I hit the power button today, it was like "hmmm……………….nah". On top of not feeling good and already being in a bad mood, this was less than ideal.


I started writing this as soon as I got home, and I clearly was not a very happy camper. I just wanted to bitch about stuff, and where better to do that then here? Well, here's where the flip side of living with family comes in. They're good at cheering you up. Instead of drowning my sorrows in alcohol and a burger, I ate a very delicious home cooked meal and watched some TV with my grandparents. I am definitely in a better mood, and don't have to deal with the mcguilt of eating possibly the world's unhealthiest food. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that after living on your own for awhile, living with family again is very weird and a big adjustment. There's a lot of stuff you can't really do (binge watch Netflix, come home wasted, etc.) but there are some definite perks (home cooked meal, quality family time, etc.). It has been an experience, and as much as I love my family, I am ready to live on my own again. 

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